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In 1992 a 15-year-old boy displayed some talent playing quarterback.  His father took him to get some pointers from a football coach at the local Junior College.  The coach gave the boy tips, lessons, and techniques.  The lessons never stopped.  The coach and the boy started working together to sharpen his fundamentals.

The coach assessed the boy playing the position, “Your feet are too far apart. That’s not where your release point should be.  Look at the angle of your front shoulder!” He analyzed every detail and provided mentorship.  The boy listened and put in the work.  He practiced the fundamentals long and hard until it was second nature.  He absorbed, and implemented the exercises and drills.

You might have heard of the boy; it was none other than Tom Brady, who went on to become arguably the most successful quarterback in football history.  Jessica Simpson, hired a vocal coach when she was just 11-years-old and went on to have a very successful music career.

There are countless examples of people who realized they had some talent but needed guidance to achieve their wildest dreams.

We play too small, we convince ourselves that coaches are for artists, athletes, Olympians, musicians, actors, the people that are already rich and famous. It’s the exact opposite, the people we all know and love for their movies, songs, and athletic achievements all have one thing in common: they BELIEVED IN THEMSELVES AND INVESTED IN THEIR DREAM!  Those two things are what 99% of the potential clients I talk to lack.

 A potential client reaches out because they want something more out of life, but they have no idea what, why, or how. It’s just a feeling somewhere deep inside that life could be better.  But without a dream worth pursuing and a desire to create it, coaching is just snake oil. 

Why does coaching work?  My experience has shown me there are two main reasons.  One, your spouse, mama, or friends are just going to tell you, “it’s ok you lost baby, you’ll do better next time,” or “don’t worry honey, you’ll get the next promotion” or “you’re right your boss is a dick.” Our loved ones just want to love us, protect us from hurt, and make us feel better, that’s unconditional love.  A 15-year-old Tom Brady didn’t need to be told: “it’ll be ok.” He required an objective set of trained eyes to dissect his actions, provide immediate feedback, and design drills that would increase his skill.  He needed someone to critique his play, spot weaknesses, and create action plans to overcome those weaknesses.  He needed mentorship and support for his dream.  Your family provides love and support too, but they will not make you better at achieving your goals.

The second reason coaching works is that people who engage in a coaching partnership have a dream they will work for.  They covet this dream so much that they embrace the work even when it’s overwhelming, stay open to feedback, and set realistic plans with methods to measure their progress.

As a coach, I know that I always come from a place of absolute love.  I love every one of my clients, but what makes my love different is that my main objective isn’t protection from pain, it’s growth and expansion.  Change can hurt, but I need you to experience that without avoiding it.  As a coach, I love you, but I’m not going to console, comfort, or aim to please you. I’m going to ensure you understand why you haven’t created your dream yet.  I’ll help you dissect your actions, beliefs and then we use the knowledge to make you stronger, faster, and wiser in order to attain your dream.  Your friends and family mean well and can cheer you on, but a Coach will ensure you succeed.  The rich and famous aren’t the only ones that deserve coaching, professional and dedicated support.

You deserve it too!

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Darrell R.

Huntington Beach, CA

Chad has helped me immensely with both professional and personal development. As someone with a corporate and military background, Chad has brilliant insights into business and management. He has developed my business ideas and coached me in my work and negotiation habits. However, the key to my success has been in the other half of Chad’s persona and expertise – his personal growth, philosophy, and healing. He has his feet firmly planted in both worlds – both the corporate and the independent, both material and spiritual. He has not only helped me through dark times but helped me discover the ability within myself to become a happier, healthier, and more productive person. I highly recommend his coaching, and I applaud him for his tireless work and unyielding truth to himself and others.

Wilson B.

Pasadena, CA

When I sought out coaching with Chad, I realized the recurring, mundane, rinse and repeat type of life I was living. I spent most of my time (5 days a week) doing something that I had no passion for, which left me living only for the weekend. I was tired of dreading Monday mornings, living unconsciously, and needed a change before years slipped by.

The coaching process was a rollercoaster! It was exciting, energizing, but it could also be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Coaching is deep work. I learned to call myself out for lying to myself, learned to recognize that my ego was driving my life. I began to understand the fake “self” I was living with, the one that was living up to other people’s ideas, and that kept me stuck in this rat race chasing success through the eyes of others.

Coaching produced drastic changes in my life. I have become an empowered creator with the knowledge that I can create whatever life I want. I ended up leaving the corporate setting to pursue my interests and start my true path. This has resulted in getting back control of my life. I have complete control of my daily schedule and more time with my wife and family while pursuing things that excite me. I no longer feel the dread and pressure of working for someone else.

It was hard for me to create these things independently without someone holding me accountable for the vision I set. It sounds so easy to change on your own that you could do this yourself, but having a coach who has walked the path, who could help me see things from new perspectives, made all the difference! Thanks, Chad!!

Patricia R.

New York, NY

I’ve enjoyed working with Chad when I was sorting out things in my personal and work life. In those areas, he and I dove deep into the idea of what it means to be selfish and take care of yourself in every way and put yourself first. And more importantly, do not feel bad about it because taking care of yourself first is not a bad thing. If you can’t take care of yourself first and work on your inner peace and happiness, how can you take care of anyone or anything else? These conversations happened during a pivotal point in my life and career and helped me see things in a new light as I embarked on a new professional journey. And I’m so grateful! Thanks, Chad!

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