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Unlike Amazon, coaching is not a transaction. Coaching is an investment in yourself. It provides someone to hold you accountable to your vision, someone to be unwavering in directing you towards your vision, and someone who will hold space for your thoughts, concerns, and goals with an objective opinion.

Humans are creatures of habit, and once your life is heading in a specific direction (inertia), it continues in the same direction. There are two ways to change the inertia of your life:

  1. Let yourself be acted upon without consciousness, this is a victim state (passed up for a promotion, layoff, termination, divorce, or illness).
  2. Intentionally take control of your life with purpose and intention, driving you to your ultimate vision.

Hire me because you want a new life experience because you are able to build something amazing and ready to take back control of your life.

Having a coach is one of the most genuine and honest relationships you will ever have. I will do or say what best serves you. I will do what is required to move you forward. That isn’t always the thing you want to hear but rather what will help you experience your higher self.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect as my client

  • Consistent, dedicated time spent on your thoughts, dreams, and feelings
  • Focused time on deep self-inquiry and examination
  • Someone intimately familiar with going through this process
  • Objective view of your thinking, opinions, and limiting beliefs
  • Clarity and objectivity to see through your bullshit stories
  • Freedom to be yourself and drop your exhaustive alternate personas

“The path is made by walking.” -African Proverb

I have walked the path of life; I know the terrain of both failure and success. From substance abuse, two failed marriages, being laid off, suffering from obesity and health issues, and financial ruin. I did everything I was taught to do and still felt unfulfilled and unhappy.

I turned being a consummate victim into becoming an empowered creator, creating a life I never dreamed imaginable. I have found true love, optimum health and learned to think for myself. I learned how to challenge the thought/belief system ingrained in me during my domestication and have mastered self-thought and self-knowledge. I understand my place in the universe and experience daily the unconditional love of my creator.

I have learned so much about life and where real success comes from. I understand it so deeply and fully because I’ve fucked it up repeatedly until I consciously chose to create a different experience. I have made it my life’s mission to help as many people as I can achieve the life they know deep inside their hearts they were meant to live.

Will you be my next success story?

Our first discovery call is centered on your current life experience, what you really want, what happens if you don’t achieve it and why you haven’t achieved it already.
Before I dedicate my time to you, I require my clients to make these three agreements:

  • You will show up on time and prioritize our session for yourself. You will be totally present, deeply honest, and you will tell the truth holding nothing back. You are ready for a miracle to occur as we co-create a life-changing conversation. The more intensity you give to our time together, the more intensity you will receive.
  • You give me permission to ask you difficult and intrusive questions. You give me permission to say things nobody else will. You are ready to get uncomfortable. Sometimes the things we most want are in the places we most fear, be willing to go there with me.
  • There is no charge for this conversation, you owe me nothing. With that said, you will be fully open to receive, and not hold back in asking for what you want. You are not indebted to me for our time together; however, you are welcome to ask me for a partnership, but not expected to. I want our relationship to be mutually beneficial and understand my way of working is not for everyone.

Every partnership is unique and based on the client’s needs. Typically a partnership lasts a year, but the minimum is around three months. It is difficult to uncover true desires (what most people say they want is not what they want), develop and implement a plan, and foster results in less than three months.


Do what you say you will do when you said you would do it. There will often be recommended exercises in between sessions, reading, writing, etc. Do the work to see growth and results. Prioritize our sessions for yourself and show up on time. Be totally present and deeply honest whenever we are together. Be deeply vulnerable by telling the truth and holding nothing back. The more intensity you give in our time together, the more intensity you receive. Allow space for a miracle in your life as we co-create your new life.

You have more questions?

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Darrell R.

Huntington Beach, CA

Chad has helped me immensely with both professional and personal development. As someone with a corporate and military background, Chad has brilliant insights into business and management. He has developed my business ideas and coached me in my work and negotiation habits. However, the key to my success has been in the other half of Chad’s persona and expertise – his personal growth, philosophy, and healing. He has his feet firmly planted in both worlds – both the corporate and the independent, both material and spiritual. He has not only helped me through dark times but helped me discover the ability within myself to become a happier, healthier, and more productive person. I highly recommend his coaching, and I applaud him for his tireless work and unyielding truth to himself and others.

Wilson B.

Pasadena, CA

When I sought out coaching with Chad, I realized the recurring, mundane, rinse and repeat type of life I was living. I spent most of my time (5 days a week) doing something that I had no passion for, which left me living only for the weekend. I was tired of dreading Monday mornings, living unconsciously, and needed a change before years slipped by.

The coaching process was a rollercoaster! It was exciting, energizing, but it could also be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Coaching is deep work. I learned to call myself out for lying to myself, learned to recognize that my ego was driving my life. I began to understand the fake “self” I was living with, the one that was living up to other people’s ideas, and that kept me stuck in this rat race chasing success through the eyes of others.

Coaching produced drastic changes in my life. I have become an empowered creator with the knowledge that I can create whatever life I want. I ended up leaving the corporate setting to pursue my interests and start my true path. This has resulted in getting back control of my life. I have complete control of my daily schedule and more time with my wife and family while pursuing things that excite me. I no longer feel the dread and pressure of working for someone else.

It was hard for me to create these things independently without someone holding me accountable for the vision I set. It sounds so easy to change on your own that you could do this yourself, but having a coach who has walked the path, who could help me see things from new perspectives, made all the difference! Thanks, Chad!!

Patricia R.

New York, NY

I’ve enjoyed working with Chad when I was sorting out things in my personal and work life. In those areas, he and I dove deep into the idea of what it means to be selfish and take care of yourself in every way and put yourself first. And more importantly, do not feel bad about it because taking care of yourself first is not a bad thing. If you can’t take care of yourself first and work on your inner peace and happiness, how can you take care of anyone or anything else? These conversations happened during a pivotal point in my life and career and helped me see things in a new light as I embarked on a new professional journey. And I’m so grateful! Thanks, Chad!

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